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Molecular & Ionic Clusters

The international research conference on "Molecular and Ionic Clusters" focuses on clusters, which are the initial molecular species found in gases when condensation begins to occur. Condensation can take place solely from molecules interacting with each other at low temperature, producing van der Waals clusters, or when molecules condense around charged particles (electrons, protons, metal cations, molecular ions), producing ion-molecule clusters. The latter class of clusters are models for solvation. This conference focuses on new ways to make clusters composed of different kinds of molecules, new experimental techniques to investigate the properties of the clusters and new theoretical methods with which to calculate the structures, dynamical motions and energetics of the clusters. Some of the main experimental methods employed include molecular beams, mass spectrometry, laser spectroscopy (infrared and UV-Visible) and photoelectron spectroscopy. Techniques include laser absorption spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence, resonance enhanced photoionization, mass-selected photodissociation, photofragment imaging, ZEKE photoelectron spectroscopy, etc. In recent years, the special properties of liquid helium droplets have provided an ultra-cold environment in which to study condensation, and this methodology has been featured in recent sessions.


The MIC conferences have been primarily organized as a series of the Gordon Research Conferences. Indeed the 1990 meeting has the distinction of being the first Gordon Research Conference held in Europe. MIC 2000 was organized as a non-GRC conference with GRC recognition (Listed in Science with other GRC meetings). This situation arose because no GRC conference venue existed in France in that time. Similarly, MIC 2010 is being organized without GRC sponsorship.

Year Meeting Name Dates Conderence Site Chair(s)
2008 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Sep 7-12 Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France Daniel M. Neumark
Jeremy M. Hutson
2006 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Feb 19-24 Crowne Plaza, Ventura, USA Michael A. Duncan
Sotiris S. Xantheas
2004 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Sep 5-10 Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France Timothy S. Zwier
Klaus Muller-Dethlefs
2002 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Jan 6-11 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express, Ventura, USA James M. Lisy
2000 Molecular & Ionic Clusters (non GRC) Apr 16-21 Hotel Mercure, Toulouse, France Nadine Halberstadt
Philippe Brechignac
1998 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Jan 4-9 Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express, Ventura USA Roger E. Miller
1996 Molecular & Ionic Clusters May 5-10 Il Ciocco Hotel and Resort, Italy Mark A. Johnson
Udo Buck
1995 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Jan 8-13 Casa Sirena Hotel, Italy Giacinto Scoles
1992 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Oct 4-9 Kloster Irsee Ingolf V. Hertel
1990 Molecular & Ionic Clusters Sep 3-7 Centro Studi Santa Maria Maddale Welford Castleman